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2-26-17 Update

Update 02.26.2017

Android Version: v1.429

Interface Version: 1.46.93v

What: All Servers will be updated automatically. A new feature has been added. All android devices will require an update.
pt_checkin_FTL: Follow the leader has been improved - now shows number of employees who follow.
pt_checkin_crewcount: The number of people checked in to the crew is now visible on PT CheckIn's "Status" message. 
pt_scale_modes: Static weight now persists beyond app's life (closing application will not clear the static value) - only when static weight mode is enabled
pt_checkin_crews: Added barcode support for selecting crew
pt_checkin_checkout: New checkout-only mode. If checkout mode is enabled, any employee that is scanned with this enabled will be checked out of any job.
pt_trace_loadmode: Field tickets can now be grouped on to "Loads" which allow you to move groups of Field tickets in a single scan.
pt_android_seasons: Removed season expiration check (preparation for Unity)
pt_checkin_crews: Added a warning for when employees are attempting to switch crews

Who: (All Update Tracks)

When: Sunday (02/26) by 10:00am

Why: User improvements and optimization. Major update - move all clients to most current update.


PTScale: Load tickets

Load tickets are used for grouping field tickets (pallets) together. For example, allows you to group 18 pallets together onto a truck, move them into a cooling tunnel, add a temperature, and print a new load receipt. This feature was specifically designed to allow farms to create load tickets and give them to drivers. Example load ticket below:

Video - Load tickets

Video - Crew Count & CheckOut Only Mode

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