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Using Field Tickets as Pallets

Objective: Learn how to use a field ticket as a pallet

A Field Ticket is used to group records together. All records are placed onto a field ticket, whether you are using this feature or not. The count that is displayed is in respect to the number of records on the field ticket currently being displayed.

Step 1: Ensure that you have Field Ticket Barcodes. A filed ticket must start with F and be followed by numeric values.


Pallet number 100 would be represented by F100 in the barcode. This barcode must be code 128.

Step 2: Scan the Field Ticket barcode. If the field ticket does not have any records on it within the last 24 hours, the Count will remain at "0". 

Step 3: Scan the employee ID or unit, it will be added to the field ticket.

Note: You must always scan a the field ticket (pallet) before you add any records to the pallet. Please watch the video below for practice.

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