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Creating "Follow The Leader" Barcodes

How to create Follow the Leader bar codes:

1.- On our google chrome browser, we have to type our server address adding a slash and the word "tools" at the end of the server.

  • Beneath is an example of how will look like.
  • Type the name of the server before the dot and follow the next format.

2. Once we've entered into the page it will show us a menu like the next screenshot beneath.

  • Barcode is the blank space where we input the format to create the leader badge.
  • Width (Inches): is the desired size to print our Leader Badge.

3.The format of how to create the follow the leader badge is the next one below.

  • Introduce #L followed by the Crew Leaders employee id number, for example, #L244.
  • Introduce the width of the badge.
  • Press Generate.

4. Right, click on the barcode image and select "Save Image As".

  • elect the root where the image will be saved examples (Desktop, Documents, Downloads.)
  • Insert the picture into a Word document and print it

Another way of getting the FTL is going to the Crew and teams page, under managment.

Once on this page as seen in the image above, selecting the crew and then right clicking on it and select the Generate FTL Barcode option. 
A .png file will be downloaded with the leader's badge
Note: We highly recommend printing 'Follow the Leader' barcodes on different color paper, so that they are not mistaken for a normal ID
Creating "Follow The Leader" bar codes

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