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01-11-17 Update

Update 01.11.2017

Android Version: v1.426

Interface Version: 1.46.93v

What: All Servers will be updated automatically. A new feature has been added. All android devices will require an update.
/pt_scale_capturemode: A new mode has been added for PT Scale - Static Weight(Count). With this option on, the desired weight will remain until it is changed.
/pt_scale_totalsmode: A new major features has been added for self-timekeeping. All employees that have an interface user account have access to PT:Me.
/synchronization_employees: A fix has been added to improve employee synchronization. Fixed a bug where employees that were uploaded via CSV were not being sync'd.

Who: (G3 & G6)

When: Wednesday (01/11) by 8:00pm

Why: User improvements and optimization. Client Request.


PTScale: New Mode 'Static Weight'

This mode functions similar to 'Weigh Bulk Create' mode, but it keeps the weight the same until manually changed
Weight in this mode can be changed either via tapping the weight field or by scanning a barcode in the format: #Wxxxxxxxxxx
where the X's are any decimal value, all the following are valid examples:
- \#W0
- \#W0.0
- \#W1.343
- \#W4343.3
- \#W43
the '\#SUB' command DOES work in this mode.

Totals Mode: New Totals View

In the config for PTScale there is a dropdown box that allows you to choose between 'Field Ticket' and 'Employee' for the "totals". Switching between the modes changes the 'focus' of the app so that it is either based on the Field Ticket or the current weighing/scanned employee. This means that if it is on 'Field Ticket' it will behave exactly as it has always behaved (this is the default), if it is on 'Employee' then the "Count: XXX", "Total: XXX" and scrolling list will only contain records for the currently scanned employee.

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