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C70 Setup (Settings/Scanner)

C70  Quick Setup Guide:

General Settings:

  • Tab “All”
  • "Device" Section >  “Float ball” > switch off
  • Personal Section > Security > switch on “Unknown Sources”

Scanner “Keyboard emulatord v2.2.0”:

  • Tab “Function”
  • Checkmark "Barcode2D"> Switch "Enable Scanner" On
  • Release Key Off Scan: On
  • Success Sound: On
  • Process Mode: BroadcastReceiver
  • ‘Enter’ should be unchecked 

After adding PTAndroid:

  • Settings > General > Device > Home > check "PTAndroid"

Setting up the C70

Device Settings Changes:

  •  Click on tab “ALL

In the Device section: 

    a. click "Float ball"

   b. "Float ball switch" off

In the Personal section

     a. click on “Security”

    b. switch “Unknown Sources” on

Scanner Setup:

  • Go to “Keyboard Emulatord V2.2.0”
  • In the Function Tab, Checkmark “Barcode2D”  
  • Switch “Enable Scanner” On
  • Changes cannot be made once Enable Scanner is turned on

  • In the App Settings Tab, ensure the following settings:
  • Release Key Off Scan switched “On”
  • Success Sound switched “On”
  • Process Mode: “BroadcastReceiver”

  • Make sure "Enter" is unchecked

(for continued reference)

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