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11-04-16 Update

Update 11.04.2016

Android Version: v1.424

Interface Version: 1.46.11v

What: All Servers will be updated automatically. A new feature has been added. All android devices will require an update.
/at a glance: the number of devices recently sync'd will now display at the top of the at a glance page.
/pt:me: A new major features has been added for self-timekeeping. All employees that have an interface user account have access to PT:Me.
/tools: A new tools section has been added to help create necessary barcodes. Reporty has also been added to help automaticallly download and place files.
/ptandroid: Minor changes to employee ID reservation algorithm

Who: (All tracks)

When: Thursday (11/04) by 5:00pm

Why: The PickTrace team has been working on a new timekeeping application for use on any device. PT:Me is now moving into beta phase and is being released to select clients.


Setting Up New PT:Me Users

  1. Create new Employee for PT:Me users that are not already created. 
  2. Take down the employee ID that is given
  3. Go to User Management Page
  4. Create new user - insert employee ID to line up employee with user
  5. Save!

Note: PT:Me works across all device types, but requires internet to function.

How to login to PT:Me

  1. Open up a web browser
  2. Type in company.picktrace.com/me
  3. Type in your normal user credentials

PT:Me Explained

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