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Famous Payroll: Overview

Famous Payroll Software

A payroll system used by many mid-size to large clients in Agriculture. When working with a client that uses Famous there are three different pieces of information that you will need to recieve from the client to be able to successfully deploy PickTrace at their operation. 

What three most important items for Famous?
  1. Phase IDS:  these codes represent different jobs in Famous and it's important that we correctly map these phase ids within PickTrace. When an employee checks into a job in PickTrace, this phase id will be in the background and will be associated with that timecard. This information will eventually get mapped into the import file and imported into Famous payroll software.
    1. Example- At a company the phase ID for the job 'new planting' is 'NPLT'. To map information correctly into Famous, make sure that the 'new planting' job has the correct phase id in the jobs info section. 
    2. Example- With newer Famous Reports Phase IDS are sometimes formatted with "Phase1="phase id code". If you are not sure which format to use, please ask. 

  2. Cost Centers: companies use cost centers for accounting purposes. Cost Centers can represent many different items for clients. A few examples could be: Specific Ranches, Specific Owners, Specific Blocks, etc. It's important for us to understand what a Cost Center represents to a client, so that we may map the cost center codes correctly.

a. Example 1) For this client Cost Centers are broken up by Block. To make sure that the cost center is mapped correctly into the report, every block has been added into PickTrace as a location, and in the Location Info section we have inserted the Cost Center (image below):

3.   ED Codes: ED codes represent the different types of hours: Regular Hours, Overtime Hours, Doubletime Hours, Piecework Hours, Pieceowork Overtime Hours, Rest & Recovery Hours (Break hours), etc. 

It's important to pay attention to what State the client is from and what type of hours they utilize. After that, it's best to ask them for a list of ED codes that they use for their different types of hours. Then after we receive this list we can go ahead and assign the correct ED codes to the different types of hours at the top of the Famous Import Python Report

Other items may arise or be required when formatting a Famous Report - however, what is stated above will cover approximately 85%  of user cases. 

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