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How To Print Bin Tickets

Bin Tickets Format

Bin Tickets need to have this format - an "F" and then the bin number next to the letter F"

Examples: F101, F102, F103, F104.

The numbers above would represent bin 100, bin 101, bin 102, bin 103, bin 104.

Steps to print the bin ticket.

1.- On our google chrome browser, we have to type our server address adding a slash and the word "tools" at the end of the server.

  • Beneath is an example of how will look like.
  • Type the name of the server before the dot and follow the next format.

2.- Or in the PickTrace web Interface:

  • 1.- Put the mouse over Setup and select "Tools"

  • 2.- In the PickTrace Tool interface, you will be able to see a page like the next beneath:

  • 3.- In base to the format we mentioned at the beginning of this document we will fill up the next spaces.
  • Barcode: is the blank space where we input the format to create the Bin Ticket.
  • Width (Inches): is the desired size to print our  Bin  Ticket.


Barcode: F101

Width (inches): 12

Press: Generate

  • 4.- Right click on the image, press "save image as" :

  • 5.- Select the root where the image will be saved examples (Desktop, Documents, Downloads.)
  • 6.- Insert the picture into a Word document and print it


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