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Adding and changing locations V2

Add And Edit A Location On A V2 Server

Location Data

By creating locations, it is possible to extract more information from your data. Locations allow clients to measure yields, costs, and to trace their harvest throughout their operation. 

To create or Edit a location please follow the next steps.

  • Put the mouse over the menu and select the desired view:

  • If the Locations will be added to a specific Site, select the site as the example shown below:

  • Make sure that you are on the correct site by checking the Current View in the top of the page:

  • Put the mouse over setup to see the Menu and select Locations 

Add, Edit and Delete locations

  • Adding new Location Data > Select “New” to add a new Location.

  • Fill out the "new location" Menu 

  + Confirm site is the desired Ranch / Location     

  + Location ID -- internal ID that is used for the PickTrace system (ID may be displayed on receipts)

  + Display Name -- name that will be viewable on the Android device

  + Plant Name -- the variety 

  + Hectares -- place hectares / acreage information here

  + Location Info -- can be used to store any extra details 

  • See the next example to see the Location created.

  • To edit a Location Select the desired Location to be edited.

  • Press the Edit button in the Locations Menu.

  • Input the new data and select "Save" :


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