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How To Use Follow The Leader Badge


To use the follow the leader tool it is necessary to:

  • Create or set an employee as the crew leader, the employee needs to be a member of a crew
  • Make the leader badge, please see the following article for reference.


Device settings:

We recommend locking the device with its corresponding crew.

Leader badge example: 

First thing at the beginning of the day

  • Select Job or Activity
  • Select Loc ID 
  • Scan all the employees that will work with the crew


The follow the leader tool is only used to move crew employees from one location or job to another one without having to scan all of the crew members again.

Differences between Lider badge and Employee badge

 The following badge it's the FTL (Follow The Lider Badge) of  "Bravo Alejandro Jose"

The following badge it's the employee badge of Bravo Alejandro Jose

Note: both badges belong to the same person and they have the same ID:

Follow The Leader badge is to change the crew members from Job or Location.

Employee ID is to track employee time and harvest records.

Images examples:

Checking in people starting the day at Job Harvesting Loc ID Block1 at 7:00 a.m.

1. Choose Job Harvesting and Loc ID block1 on PT CheckIn app.

2. Scan all the employee's badges to check them for this Job and Location.

Changin Job scanning the FTL badge

Change the Job "Weeding" Location Block2 at 9:00 a.m.

1. Set device to Job Weeding and Loc ID block2

2. Scan Follow the Leader badge.

After the scanning the FTL badge, the crew members will be moved from Harvesting block 1 to Weeding block 2.

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